Tech is part of lives and has been a part of our lives for a long time now. If you want to get the most out of your gadgets and devices, then you need to have a look at these tech hacks to help you get the most out of your tech.

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Cord Organisation

Anyone who has a ton of electronic devices will tell you the nightmare that is corded devices. Try as you may, having a bunch of cords sticking out of the back or side or top or wherever of your desk, just looks untidy.

Tech Hacks

One of the best tech hacks you will learn is to organise your cords. The tech hack to do that is actually low-tech – using LEGO figurines. Their hands are perfect to hold cords and keep them organised in the cutest way possible.

For cords that don’t want to fit into the LEGO figurine’s hands – use your old bread clips.

Smartphone Speaker

If you can’t afford a Bluetooth speaker or you forgot to pack one on your holiday, you can use one of these simple tech hacks to amplify your smartphone’s speaker.

The first of the speaker tech hacks you could do, is to put your smartphone in a bowl. This will increase the sound by a lot.

Tech Hacks

Another one of the tech hacks you could try, is to slice an opening into the side of an empty toilet roll, and to slide your smartphone into the opening. Ensure that you slide the side where the speaker is located into the opening you’ve created in the toilet roll.

Test Your Batteries

Having a drawer full of dead/half dead batteries is the worst when you need batteries in a hurry. You can test your old batteries by bouncing them (not too far from the ground, to prevent damaging them).

A fully charged battery won’t bounce too much, and a lesser charged/dead battery will bounce around a lot more.

Closed Tabs

Closing tabs accidently is probably one of the most frustrating things to happen to you when you’re dealing with a big project on your computer. Luckily tech hacks are there to make your life easier.

To re-open tabs that you’ve accidentally closed, press Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + T.

Incognito For Better Deals

If you want cheaper flights, hotel deals, sales, etc. choose to go incognito.

There you have some tech hacks that hopefully help you live your best life.

Do you have some tech hacks to share with us that we haven’t listed above? Drop us a comment below and let us in on your tech hacks.

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