We all love gaming in some way, shape or form but sometimes it lets us down. Some games are overhyped and underdeliver or they are just bad from the start without any hype at all. Throughout history, we have seen games come and go and some leave a mark for being good and some for being bad. Here are some of the biggest video game flops.

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No Man’s Sky

If we had to put these games in order No Man’s Sky would be one of the biggest video game flops of all time, as it failed miserably. Marketed as an open universe game with dense worlds to explore that feel alive, instead what emerged was one the biggest video game flops ever. No Man’s Sky can be summarised as nothing but empty wastelands in a bland and dull galaxy. Video Game FlopsWhile it had a bit of fun behind it, the idea of standing on a planet aiming a laser at a rock for an hour to farm materials got boring very quickly. You could fly around and discover a few landmarks but that was the extent of the exploration in the game. No Man’s Sky also had no multiplayer, which was promised. It was dubbed as “No Man’s Lie” after everything it said it would deliver got lost in a black hole somewhere. Gamers demanded refunds and it taught them to never pre-order again.

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial brought about something much bigger than another one of the many video game flops that took place back in 1983. It single-handily brought about the great video game crash. In an attempt to cash in on the Steven Spielberg film by the same name, Atari rushed to release a video game that it hoped would sell like hotcakes. It was believed that if everyone watched the film, people would want to play the game too. This was not the case as the game was abysmal and sold next to no units thanks to word of mouth (remember no internet back then). This forced retailers to drop the price of the game to try to make some profit. Atari took a huge financial hit from this and recalled all copies of the game and buried it in a landfill in New Mexico. Gaming was never the same again as consumers thought twice about buying anything.

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem 3D was one of the best games of the 90s and there was no doubt that any sequel would live up to its hype. Duke Nukem Forever began development in the early 2000s but went missing soon after. Video Game FlopsAfer almost 12 years in development, Duke Nukem Forever, finally landed on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 and it was not pretty at all. Instead of a true tribute to a series that was great, gamers were shocked to discover that the game was a disaster. It looked bad, played terribly, and worst of all lacked any sort of polish. Instead of it looking like a game in a 12-year development cycle it felt like a game that was built overnight. The series has been silent since 2011.

APB: All Points Bulletin

APB was an ambitious third-person action shooter that released in early 2011. This MMO followed a cops and robbers-like gameplay that set players off against an opposing team in a fictional city called San Paro. Unfortunately, the game did not do as well as EA thought it would and within three months of its release, the publisher decided to shut down the servers and call it quits.

Video Game Flops

The worst part about this was the fact that it was not a free to play game so after three months and you paid for the game, you could no longer play it. Realtime Worlds faced layoffs and in the end bankruptcy due to the game’s failure. However, the sun did come out on APB as it was picked up by GamersFirst and turned into a free to play game. While it is not the best game ever made, you can actually download it today from Steam and play it.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

The game is set after the events of Tomb Raider Revelation as Lara is hunted across Europe accused of murdering her mentor, Werner Von Croy.

Video Game FlopsThe game’s biggest downfall was its plot that just felt extremely farfetched. Some boss fights even saw you take down a large locust-like creature with boils all over its body. The entire experience was very far from normal and in the end resulted in a disaster release of a great series.


Sony wanted to make full use of the PS3’s original controllers that boasted its patented Sixaxis technology back in the day. Instead of vibration, the controllers had a motion feature which is found in all DualShock controllers today. In order to show off this motion, Sony built a game where you would control a dragon using these motion sensors. This game was called Lair. While Sony patched in analogue controller support for the game much later after its release, players were forced to make use of the controller’s sensors that simply did not work for the game. You would have to fly a dragon around a battlefield by whisking your controller around in your hand as you tried to kill other dragons and participate in this war. Unfortunetley, the Sixaxis controllers were unresponsive and the game did not work. It was this game that led Sony to admit that the Sixaxis technology alone was not enough to push the controller and they later released the DualShock 3. Factor 5, the studio behind the game closed its doors soon after too as a result of the lost money from the game.

Have you had the misfortune of playing one of these video game flops? Or have you played other video game flops in the past? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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