Some people spend ridiculous amounts of money on gadgets that they really want. And other times people some how get sucked into buying weird gadgets that somehow made it into the market.

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Here are some of the weird gadgets that people spent their money on.

Selfie Toaster

Weird Gadgets

Selfies were so huge in 2014 that “selfie” became the word of the year. At the height of humanity’s narcissism, Burnt Impressions started manufacturing these weird gadgets. If these weird gadgets are your thing you can still get yours custom made.


Weird Gadgets

These weird gadgets start to vibrate when it picks up that you’re eating too fast. The aim of the HapiFork is to help people who have issues with eating too much or too fast and aims to address various eating issues and disorders.

Candy Lipz

Weird Gadgets

If you’re desperate for a fuller pout then CandyLipz could help you achieve this, but at a painful price. These weird gadgets use sucking to enhance the fullness of your lips. It sounds like something you’d use to punish a swearing child with.


Weird Gadgets

If you’re keen on capturing the perfect belfie (butt selfie) you can get a BelfieStick. These weird gadgets help you get the best butt selfie every time.

Selfie Arm

If you’re scared people think you have no life and no one to take photos with, you could fool them into thinking that you always have a companion in the form of these weird gadgets. The Selfie Arm makes it seem like there is someone always holding your hand.

These weird gadgets prove that you don’t always have to need the stuff you buy. Are there any gadgets you’ve bought in the past that you regret having now? Drop us a comment below and let us know which weird gadgets have managed to lure you into buying them.

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