Gaming accessories can vastly improve your gaming experience. Other weird gaming accessories were a major waste of money and probably ended up in a dusty box that was thrown out years later.

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These are the weirdest gaming accessories that we hope you never wasted your money on.

Nintendo R.O.B.

In terms of weird gaming accessories, the Nintendo R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) should be the mascot.

Weird Gaming Accessories

It was one of the weird gaming accessories that almost instantly landed up in a closet somewhere because it was difficult to use and only worked on two games. This was luckily one of the weird gaming accessories that was quickly discontinued.

Champion Video Game Gloves

Because wearing gloves will make you a better gamer? These weird gaming accessories were first sold in 1992 by Campion. What makes them so bizarre, is that they were actually marketed as magically making you a better gamer.

Weird Gaming Accessories

They even bore Batman logos, to make it clear to the world that you’re a real gamer and pop culture fan. If you’ve bought these weird gaming accessories, then we feel very sorry for you.

Nintendo 64 Gloves

Forget gaming gloves for your hands. In 1999 Nintendo thought that it would be a cool idea to release gaming gloves for the Nintendo 64 controller.

Weird Gaming Accessories

Nintendo marketed these weird gaming accessories to prevent the controller’s from slipping from your hands, which wasn’t a problem gamers were experiencing. The gloves didn’t last long on the market, as Nintendo soon realised that no one wants to buy and use them.

Roll n Rocker

The Roll n Rocker was one of the weird gaming accessories that instantly became an expensive door stopper. The Rock n Roller was released 1989 and was a cause of great frustration for anyone who was misfortunate enough to buy one of these weird gaming accessories.

Weird Gaming Accessories

We’re not even sure if Nintendo ever figured out how these weird gaming accessories work and they were quickly discontinued.

Nyko Hip Clip

Nothing says you’re super hip like a hip clip, right? Wrong! So very wrong. The Nyko Hip Clip was released in 2000 as a very uncool way to carry a NintendoBoy Colour.

Weird Gaming Accessories

Which weird gaming accessories have you regretted buying? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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