Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year and is finally available to download and play for free on iOS and Android devices.

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The new mobile game from the makers behind Pokémon GO, creates a magical mobile world for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. Since the global launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we’ve taken the game for a spin and here’s what we think about it.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players are tasked with containing the Calamity – a mysterious phenomenon where magical objects, people, creatures and more magical things (called Foundables) from the wizarding world are appearing in the Muggle world. Players are required to cast spells, brew potions and use other magical ways to return the Foundables they find on their map, to the magical world. This is a basic premise of the game, as the gameplay is layered and more complex.

One of the first major draws to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is how detailed it is and how it truly creates a magical world into which Harry Potter fans can immerse themselves. You’re able to completely customise your profile by creating a Ministry of Magic ID, where you can add in your wand and Hogwarts House. Once you reach Level 6, you can select a career path, which is also added to your ID alongside a picture, which you can dress up in magical ways.

Another major win for Wizards Unite, is that fans of the Harry Potter franchise will delight in how many Harry Potter and wizarding world references there are.

Although Pokémon GO players will definitely feel familiar with the interface and the basics of the new mobile game from Niantic Inc., Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has many unique features. The new mobile game is more complex than Pokémon GO and requires more story involvement. It’s definitely a mobile game that keeps drawing players back to discover and do more. The new mobile game might feel a little too complicated for younger mobile gamers, as the gameplay and story are both more complex and detailed compared to the simplicity of Pokémon GO

The game’s design is incredible. It looks magical and the attention to detail is what makes it such a fun mobile game to play. The graphics are crisp and designed well, and coupled with the great score and sounds, you’re truly transported to the magical world of Harry Potter.

There’s also no lack of Foundables, Inns, and Fortresses to keep you entertained and coming back for more. The mobile game feels like it will continue to grow and give players new ways to play and soak up the world of Harry Potter.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is one of the most detailed mobile games out there. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise are going to love that they can finally immerse themselves into a magical world experience through this new augmented reality mobile game. There’s a ton to do, with many reasons for players to return to the game again and again. Although a younger audience might get lost in all the detail, fans of the franchise are sure to enjoy the adventurous challenges posed by the new mobile game.

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Have you been playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think about this new mobile game from Niantic.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review
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