Movie gadgets have that Hollywood magic about them. Movie gadgets are dramatic and dazzling and we have been dreaming about using these props in real life for a long time.

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These are the movie gadgets we wish we could buy and use in real life.


Many manufacturers have come out with their own hoverboards. Some have been ok, and others have actually been so bad they have exploded out of embarrassment and technical problems. None of the current hoverboards on the market come close to the cool movie gadgets used in Back to the Future II. These hoverboards looked like they easily glided through the streets of the future, while cars fly overhead.

Makeup Machine

Movie Gadgets

Putting on your makeup could be a time-consuming process. But in the future, it might be as simple as using one of these movie gadgets (Chanel branded even) from the 1997 movie, The Fifth Element starring Mila Jovovich and Bruce Willis.

Cloak of Invisibility

Movie Gadgets

Not all movie gadgets are high-tech – some are magical, like Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility. Imagine all the mischief you could manage to get up to if you had your own Invisibility Cloak.


Movie Gadgets

The Men In Black franchise features a whole bunch of cool movie gadgets, but the one that stands out is the Nearalyzer. This pen-shaped gadget is used to wipe people’s memory. You might remember Agent J (portrayed by Will Smith) referring to these fictional weapons as a “flashy thing” in the movies.

Cybernetic Enhancements

Movie Gadgets

In Ghost in the Shell we’re shown a future where the majority of humans have cybernetic enhancements. Hanka Robotics is the world leader in enhancements which can range from better sight to faster learning abilities.


Movie Gadgets

Wouldn’t it be great to reach your destinations in seconds without having to fight through traffic? In Star Trek, all of this is possible thanks to a device called a Transporter. A Transporter converts objects (like a person) into energized particles that are beamed to your location and rematerialized into matter.

Point of View Gun

Movie Gadgets

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has many cool movie gadgets from all corners of space and time. The Point of View Gun was created specifically for the 2005 big screen adaptation of the iconic space story created by Douglas Adams. The Point of View Gun, as the name suggests, makes the person you shoot see your point of view. It was created by Deep Thought while it was contemplating the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.


This is one of the movie gadgets that could truly change people’s lives. The Med-Bay is a fictional machine from Neil Blomkamp’s 2013 movie, Elysium starring Matt Damon. The device can literally cure any medical conditions and makes you as good as new again.


Maybe not one of the most useful movie gadgets, but wow, it would be cool to have one of these awesome weapons.

Shrink Ray

Movie Gadgets

Every kid of the 90s grew up wishing they could get shrunk by the Shrink Rey from the 1989 movie, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. The movie made being miniature look really fun, especially eating giant Oreos and making friends with ants.

Which movie gadgets do you wish were real? Drop us a comment below and let us now.

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