With smartphone photos looking so great nowadays thanks to smartphone cameras being such huge a consumer draw, few amateur and casual photographers need to invest in expensive photography equipment anymore.

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All you need is a good smartphone camera and these quick and simple tips to help you snap stunning smartphone photos, that will get you all the Likes on Instagram.

Frame It

You don’t need a photography eye or even training to get framing right on your smartphone photos.

You just need to fine-tune your settings.

On iOS devices, you can use a Grid, which overlays a rule-of-thirds grid over your photos in your Camera app. To turn this on: Go to Settings > Camera > Grid > Toggle it on. You can also select Square Photo for the perfect Instagram photos.

On Android devices: Go to Settings > Apps > Camera > Grid Lines > Choose between a rule-of-thirds overlay or a square overlay.

No Zooming, Please

Ditch digital zooming right away, if you want to take better smartphone photos.

With digital zooming, the image is simply cropped and resized, whereas “real” cameras make use of optical zoom. This means that zooming in on smartphone photos results in grainy, low-quality shots with poor resolution.

If you have an extra lens for your smartphone, then go wild. Some of these lenses work really well, and can have some stunning results for smartphone photos. They’re certainly better than using the digital zoom on smartphones for those shots that are just a little too far away.

Try Not To Light It Up

Very few smartphone photos come out flattering where use was made of the flash. It can have different unwanted results when you’re trying to take photos in low light conditions.

For one, it has the potential to completely washout the subject matter of your photo by creating an overexposed look. Or, it can severely lower the quality of the picture, by making everything appear either out of focus or grainy.

BONUS: Exposure

Exposure can really take smartphone photos to the next level. Be sure to experiment with exposure, by always tapping on the screen to lock focus on the subject matter of your pictures.

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Do you enjoy taking photos on your smartphone? Do you have any tips to share with us? Drop us a comment in the comments section below.