With robots taking over more and more human functions, robot strippers were probably the next robotic thing to hit the stage.

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Laurent Roue, the owner of the Strip Club Café in France, thinks that some of his clientele will find robot strippers “very sexy”.

Robot Strippers

The robot strippers were created by British artist, Giles Walker and were used in the Strip Club Café as part of the establishment’s 5th-anniversary celebration. The robot strippers performed alongside the club’s 10 human strippers, so that even those that are not so comfortable with robosexuality, will still have a good time.

The robots were created by the artist as a way to explore voyeurism and he wants them to pose the question of “who has the power between the voyeur and the observed person?“. He used recycled CCTV cameras, pieces of plastic, metal car parts and bits from female mannequins to create the robot strippers.

Some of the 10 human strippers at the club in France have said that they don’t fear that robot strippers would take over the art of stripping.

We’re not in a vulgar job. It’s an artistic job. It’s something that’s beautiful, and robots won’t change that.

It seems robots won’t be taking over the world of stripping any time soon, as not everyone will be into the idea of plastic and metal parts. Stripping is, amongst other things, the thrill of watching a human undress and dance, so this is one profession that robots are unlikely to dominate and take away jobs from real humans. But, as robots become more human-like, the situation might change where the lines between robot and human become blurred.

Would you be into going to a strip club that had robot strippers or do you think that stripping should be a profession that’s left to humans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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