Everyone loves a good free wi-fi. Free wi-fi on the go means that you don’t have to use your expensive mobile data to do all the things on your mobile device. But you also don’t want to be messing with your privacy and online safety when you’re taking advantage of free wi-fi.

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Here are some tips on how to get free wi-fi while staying safe.

Trusted Free Wi-Fi Spots

If you live in a place, you’ve probably earmarked a few spots that offer you some Internet. A good place to always start, is at coffee shops and other restaurants. You’re bound to get connected somewhere where coffee and food is being served.

Other places like fast food chains, retail shops and, shopping malls are also offering free wi-fi more regularly. By offering Internet to their customers, retail places and restaurants are able to keep their customers around longer, hoping they will spend more money at the establishment.

Places that are sure to give you free wi-fi:


One place you’re probably always sure to find free wi-fi at, is an airport. It makes sense though. Many people spend a lot of time at an airport, so it’s a great way to keep people calm and entertained. Find out how and where you can connect at South African airports HERE.

Wi-Fi Map

If you’re unfamiliar with the popular hotspots around you, or you’re too far away from an airport, then you can always use a map. One of the best maps to find free Wi-Fi for iOS and Android devices, is WiFi Map. This handy map displays crowdfunded wi-fi hotspots in your area. The app will even list the password of the hotspots that are close to you. The app is free, but you can also choose for a paid version.

Staying Safe

While it’s a lot of fun to connect to free wi-fi all over the world, it’s important to stay safe while doing it.

Firstly, never go to a place that looks or feels unsafe to you. Make sure that you’re familiar with the establishment as well as the area. If you feel anxious, rather leave and go have your coffee and catch up on your Instagram Stories somewhere safer.

Don’t forget about your online safety and privacy. Most public wi-fi hotspots are “open” which means they are not encrypted with a WPA password even if you type in a password to connect. Make sure to read the terms and conditions when you’re connecting to free wi-fi, use HTTPS or set up a VPN whenever possible.

You can take a lot of advantage from free wi-fi, as long as you keep yourself and your personal information safe.

Which hotspot are your favourite to connect to when you’re on the go? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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