There are some terrible stereotypes surrounding gamers and the games they love to jam. Some people believe that being a gamer is bad for your physical and mental health, while others believe that games can teach you important life lessons.

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Here are some of the reasons why being a gamer could mean that you’re a good person.

More Accurate Moral Compass

If it can be argued that playing violent video games could lead to violent behavior in gamers, the same argument can be used for games that have a good moral lesson. Games like Red Dead Redemption will allow each gamer to make their own choices, with their choices ultimately determining whether they are good or bad. This is a useful tool that a gamer can learn to use in real life – knowing that each decision has a consequence, and bad decisions lead to evil consequences.

Better Team Player

Being able to work well in a team is an important skill to possess, and if you’re a gamer you’re probably great at being able to work towards a shared objective. Gaming allows each gamer to connect with others and play the games they love, while building lasting bonds. These important social and life skills can be used by each gamer in their personal and professional lives.


Games Promote Empathy

Studies have shown that playing video games can promote empathy in gamers. This means that as a gamer you could find yourself becoming kinder in real life as you know the guilt caused by simulated gaming environments when you make evil decisions.

Compassionate Towards Animals

Compassion towards all beings is a lesson that video games can teach each and every gamer. As many games feature pets or companions, gamers can learn that animals deserve respect and compassion.

Taking Turns

It’s hard to share, especially when it comes to gaming. But many a gamer has learned that playing with friends is more fun than having no friends left. Being able to take turns to play a game and give each other advice on how to advance or helping each other out, is what each gamer actually loves about gaming.

How do you think being a gamer has made you a better person? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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