Did you know according to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) South Africa has the third-highest number of cyber crime victims worldwide, resulting in a loss of about R2.2 billion each year to cyber attacks?

Many of these cyber attacks occur when people are charging their smart devices at public charging stations. This particular type of cyber crime is called Juice Jacking – a terms first coined in 2019. This type of attack involves the installation of malware on to devices when they’re inserted into a USB charging terminal. This malware subsequently copies all the data stored on that device. This means that all your data which could include very sensitive information like your banking details, passwords and credit card details which you may have stored on your device, becomes compromised.

DataBlock has launched its latest product that will prevent this type of cyber crime. DataBlock is a USB connection that, when added to your charger, will prevent your private information and data from being stolen by a third party.

Because South Africans are especially at risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime, protecting our data (images, videos, banking details and passwords) becomes vital. That’s why this is such a revolutionary piece of technology. It’s safe, compact, easy to use, carry around and allows you to charge your devices without the anxiety of having your data hacked and malware installed.

Data Block retails at between R100 and R150 but is available for a limited launch period at a discounted cost of R99 and is available at HERE.

Have you ever been a victim of Juice Jacking or other cyber crime? And measures do you take to protect yourself from becoming a victim while the statics are so very high? Drop us a comment below and let us know about your experiences.