Certain popular cars never go out of style. Some popular cars start off well-known and other become beloved. Many popular cars are still in production today, but some have also been discontinued, like the beloved Beetle.

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These popular cars have been favourites amongst autophiles for years.

Ford Model T

popular cars

Ford has a long history of producing popular cars. One of the most popular cars released by the automobile company is the Ford Model T. This classic car was the first mass-produced automobile that was released onto the consumer market in 1908.

This is probably one of the most well-known vehicles and considered to be a pioneer in the automobile market.

The Beetle


One of the most popular cars ever sold by Volkswagen has been around since 1938. About 24 million of these cars have been sold worldwide, with Volkswagen only recently ceasing production of the beloved Beetle.


These cars from Toyota first hit the round in 1966 and are still in production today.

popular cars

In July 2013, the cars reached a sales milestone of 40 million units sold worldwide.

VW Golf

popular cars

Some know it as the VW Golf, others might know it as the Rabbit. Whatever you call these cars, chances are that you’ve seen one before.

These cars from Volkswagen were first introduced to consumers in 1974. Since then, the VW Golf has become one of the most driven cars on the road and has sold over 30 million of these boxy cars worldwide.

Honda Civic

popular cars

The Civic is the car that saved Honda from giving up on the manufacturing of automobiles.

In 1972, the first Civic was released onto the automobile market, and was an instant hit amongst car consumers. Since then, more than 20 million of these cars from Honda have been sold worldwide.

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