We love our devices. It’s one of the best parts about growing up – making your own money to buy your own high-tech toys. However, not all tech’s the same and some of the worst gadgets have seen people’s money literally go up in flames.

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With so many successful gadgets out there, we thought it would be cool to look at the worst gadgets to have plagued the market in recent years.

Galaxy Note7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 had all the hallmarks of a device that would do well on the mobile market. Unfortunately, as you know by now, it was one of the worst gadgets to ever come from the South Korean electronics company.

You may remember that Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices across the world were either exploding or catching fire. Two replacement efforts were made for the Galaxy Note7 devices, with Samsung finally pulling the plug and recalling all of the worst gadgets it has arguably ever made.

Xbox 360

Not all of these gaming consoles from Microsoft were bad, but back when the Xbox 360 was first released, it became one of the worst gadgets in the world thanks to something called the Red Ring of Death.

The Red Ring of Death appeared on your Xbox 360 console if there was a hardware fault internally. While it started as a few users reporting issues, it ended with reports on a global scale. The failure rate of the Xbox 360 reached 45% before Microsoft finally admitted that there was an issue.


We all wanted to be Marty McFly and glide around on our hoverboards. However, no one wanted to get burned doing it. Some brands of hoverboards were catching fire, with airlines eventually banning all hoverboards due to the high risk of exploding in the air.

Worst Gadgets

Apple/Bandai Pippin

Apple attempted to make a gaming console, instead it produced one of the worst gadgets of our times. The Pippin console is considered one of the worst gadgets in the gaming industry due to its complicated setup. The device was never released onto the global market because it did so poorly in the US.

Worst Gadgets

The Pippin joins many other game consoles that are now infamous for being some of the worst gadgets ever created.

Google Glass

Maybe not one of the worst gadgets per se, but definitely ahead of its time. The device’s concept was cool enough – a voice-controlled device with a small monitor over your eye. But it was very overpriced, and also had some major privacy issues, with many restaurants in the US banning these devices before they were even released.

Worst Gadgets

Which are some of the worst gadgets you’ve wasted your money on in the past? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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