Businesses rely on proper communication to operate with peak efficiency. Relaying information through an appropriate channel is crucial to improve the company’s overall productivity. Fortunately, various business communication tools are now emerging to allow organizations to meet communication needs.

Here are 8 business communication tools you need to improve productivity.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail apps and services allow companies to send voice messages directly to a recipient’s mobile device without causing interruptions. The phone won’t ring when the message drops and the receivers can retrieve the message in the same way that they normally do.


Several advantages await businesses that use ringless voicemail to communicate with leads and customers. Some of these include:

  • Quick Delivery

Sending a ringless voicemail message is near-instantaneous. Moreover, the process doesn’t disturb the wireless network, making this delivery method appear on the receiver’s device quickly.

  • Very Affordable

Other marketing campaigns tend to be expensive investments. For example, you might need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to initiate a cold calling campaign. However, this is not the case with ringless voicemail providers as they will only let you pay for the number of messages you drop.

For example, you can pay $0.09 to drop one voicemail message. So, if you drop 200 messages, the total cost of that part of the campaign is only going to be $18.00. On the other hand, sales representatives calling 200 people may take an entire day, and your company needs to cover for several expenses to maintain that marketing technique.

  • Designed For Businesses Of All Sizes

Startups, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations can integrate ringless voicemail to their marketing campaigns. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to bring this channel to your firm to reach out to new markets and maintain long-term relationships with existing clients.

Initiating a ringless voicemail campaign might seem challenging at first. You can check out the following video to learn how to start integrating this communication tool to your marketing efforts:

Social Intranet Software

Don’t confuse the Internet with Intranet. The former is a global network consisting of other smaller interconnected networks. The Intranet, on the other hand, is a local communications network that tends only to allow restricted access to a select number of people.

Social Intranet software helps employees collaborate better thanks to quick communication features. The application should allow conversations to take place without one party travelling to the other.

Using a social Intranet software allows companies to streamline communication to increase productivity. Other benefits of using this program include:

  • Reduced Security Risks

Using the Internet may pose additional risks of hacking. On the other hand, communicating through an Intranet allows staff members to use a Local Area Network (LAN) to relay messages, thereby reducing the chances of potential security breaches.

  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Employees that sit on their desks for eight hours (or more) a day without proper communication might make them reconsider their career options. Spending the whole day without talking to anyone else can become tiresome, which eventually leads to low satisfaction among employees.

Using social Intranet apps allow employees to converse without walking to another individual’s cubicle or office. Therefore, the use of such software helps create camaraderie, which helps release tensions when talking about completing business projects and tasks.

  • Increased Collaboration

Communication within a business’ walls becomes more accessible than before with social Intranet software. Other messaging channels like email may have its advantages, but this method of communication might not be the ideal internal correspondence tool.

Social Intranets lets company staff separate internal and external communications. The right app may also allow team members to send large files to persons of interest easily for enhanced collaboration.

This software may also allow specific employees to access relevant files to complete particular projects. This advantage helps organizations lower overall IT maintenance costs.

The Cloud

“The Cloud” is a network of servers located in data centres in different regions of the world. Users can access cloud servers from anywhere. However, they need a stable Internet connection to do so.

Businesses can take advantage of cloud-based communication systems to collaborate with team members located in different areas of the globe. Like other business communication tools, using cloud-based messaging apps present users with various benefits like:

  • Mobility

Company staff members from the past find it challenging to communicate with colleagues without a landline phone. Now, employees of various levels can use the cloud to talk with team members using their mobile devices.

Using mobile and cloud technologies for communication delivers flexibility and freedom to talk with other individuals in the organization. So, you can be productive regardless of your current location instead of limiting yourself to finishing tasks within office walls.

  • Scalability

The traditional landline telephone can still deliver benefits for business communication. However, commercial landline systems don’t have the scalability and flexibility as compared to using cloud-based communication systems.

Before, organizations need to add additional copper wiring, telephone units, and other pieces of equipment when the company grows. Now, administrative users of cloud-based communication software only need to spend a few minutes on adding new users to the system when this happens.

  • Costs

Shifting to other business communication tools might make you think about the overall costs. This is advantageous to startups and small businesses as they may not have similar spending allowances as compared to larger corporations.

But, using cloud-based solutions for communications between colleagues help create inexpensive messaging options for organizations regardless of size. Opt to use cloud systems that offer metered or pay-as-you-go plans to help keep expenses for communications low.

These benefits equate to better productivity with a streamlined business cloud-based communication system. Moreover, the low costs can help increase profit margins and increase returns of investments (ROIs).

Video Conference Software

Companies integrating video conferencing solutions can help increase employee productivity. Participants in the meeting can be more in sync as compared to trying to listen to a colleague using traditional landline systems.

Imagine a workmate telling you troubleshooting instructions during a telephone conversation when you need help with troubleshooting your computer. The process can be easy if you have an idea of what to do from the instructions given to you. But, if you’re not a tech-savvy person, it can take more than the intended amount of effort and time to complete the troubleshooting through the phone.

You can use a reliable video conference software to improve employee participation while enhancing opportunities for understanding directions for business projects. Moreover, solving problems can be more comfortable, and executives can develop services for clients quicker with the help of video meeting systems.

Additionally, specific business video apps allow users to control an individual’s computer. This feature dramatically helps in-house tech support to fix computer concerns without the need to travel from one workstation to another.

Online Project Boards

Use online project boards to let employees use features like:

  • Create task boards
  • Make comments on projects
  • Mention persons of interest
  • See project history and their updates
  • Build and share reports
  • Send messages

Also, consider using project management apps that can sync with other online services for enhanced accessibility for employees. For example, the project board can sync dates with an online calendar. Moreover, that calendar can also sync with your email. This way, you won’t miss crucial project reminders and updates. All of this will result in the business receiving more productivity from its staff members.

Internal Discussion Forums

Online forums can help different Internet users solve various problems. For example, gamers can turn to game developers hanging out in a particular forum to help you with specific software development concerns.

Consequently, an internal discussion forum among organization members can help minimize communication restraints. Furthermore, employees can share information with colleagues in the forum, which may prove relevant to help improve work efficiency.

Workers can do the following tasks while hanging out in the forums:

  • Discuss work ethics
  • Ask office-related questions
  • Tackle the status of on-going projects
  • Bond with employees of all levels

An internal forum ensures companies can keep a knowledge base for new employees to check. New members of the workforce can visit the firm’s knowledge section to ensure all team members are up to speed with the latest happenings and updates in the organization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Businesses should always consider better communication with clients as opposed to focusing efforts on internal matters. Improving client relationships by enhancing employee work efficiency and ethics provides companies with better opportunities for growth.

A CRM tool can help improve communication and service deliveries for leads and customers. You can take advantage of CRM features which include:

  • Contact management
  • Customer opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Dashboard and report creation
  • Sales analytics
  • Mobile app integration

Using a business CRM tool means that employees of different ranks can have peace of mind knowing gathered client data is in a secure location. The software help turn gained information to organized data meant for business growth.

For instance, you can use reliable CRM software to send survey forms to a target audience. The tool collates all the data into an organized and readable report. Use all the gathered pieces of information to improve customer services, thereby enhancing opportunities for growth.

CRM also helps improve other facets of communication in and outside an organization. Modern CRM tools can integrate with mobile applications to let staff members access data regardless of the location (provided that there’s a stable Internet connection).

Moreover, specific CRM features improve employee productivity through automation. For example, the company’s data analyst can use automated functions to fill fields routinely, but on command. These small yet essential tasks are time-consuming. Automating these seemingly monotonous tasks helps workers increase efficiency as they accomplish more jobs in a day with the time saved.

Customized Alerts and Notifications

Businesses can use customized alerts on company computers to help increase work productivity for the different members of their labour force.

Customized push notifications are business tools that enable employees to check critical matters without disturbing other projects critically.

Some benefits of using customized business alerts and notifications include:

  • Stimulates User Engagement

Notifications that pop up at the corner of the screen allow employees of concern to notice the alert. Colleagues can send real-time reminders and updates about specific projects without forcing the receiver of the message to steer off track from their current tasks.

  • Target Specific Users

Mentioning specific employees in an internal message board with customized alert features allows the person of concern to make a mental note of the alert. Conversely, sending an email or posting a thread in an internal forum without customized alerts may make users disregard the announcement.

  • Track Actionable Metrics

Push notifications also help track user behaviour. Specific software can track open rates, open times, and other aspects that equate to user engagement. These can allow you to gain valuable insights into whether employees are reading messages.

Customized push notifications in the company can also help improve customer care strategies. Use compatible messaging tools to notify key personnel when clients need assistance. This system helps eliminate the need to run around the establishment in search of the appropriate person to help with customer concerns.


Modern workplaces need advanced business communication tools to help improve workforce productivity. Implement essential business tools like ringless voicemail, cloud communication software, and internal forums to help staff members communicate with potential leads, existing clients, and colleagues.

Equip your company with these eight business communication tools to help position your organization for better efficiency, engagement, and knowledge. But, take note that not all business message apps are free. Choose appropriate software that fits business needs without spending too much money on the company’s budget. You might get a free or inexpensive communication tool, but it doesn’t have the features you need.

Aim for investing in messaging software that offers reliable features for ideal client and employee engagements. Ensure the tool fits into different company workflows to help keep team members focused on their tasks without the worry of missing deadlines.

Which business communication tools have helped advance your business?