If you love to hide that you’re online on WhatsApp and hate those WhatsApp blue ticks, then you’re going to enjoy this simple trick to know if someone’s read your messages.

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By using this simple trick, you will be able to tell whether someone has read your messages without sharing your online status and without making use of the WhatsApp blue ticks. The WhatsApp blue ticks are the two blue ticks next to WhatsApp messages to indicate whether someone has read a message or not. In simple terms, they are WhatsApp’s version of read receipts.

If you have your privacy settings in WhatsApp set to hide whether you’re online or not, then you don’t get the benefits of these WhatsApp blue ticks to know whether someone has read your message or not.

But we’ve got an easy trick for you to use to be able to tell whether someone has read your messages, without having to mess around with your privacy settings in WhatsApp.

The Trick

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the ability to delete messages before the recipient has read it. By adding this new feature, WhatsApp also gave people who love their privacy the ability to check whether their messages have been read or not.

Here’s how it works:

If you have the ability to still delete a message on WhatsApp for EVERYONE, then it means the other person hasn’t read the message yet.

How to use it:

Tap on a WhatsApp message you want to check has been read or not > Tab on Delete > Select the message you want to check > Tab the trashbin icon in the left-bottom corner > Cancel

If you were given the option Delete for Everyone then the other person HASN’T read your message yet.

If you were only given the option Delete for Me then the other person HAS read your message.

Have you ever used this trick to know if someone has read your messages without using WhatsApp blue ticks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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