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Comic Superheros – The Rise of Women

With the rise of feminism and the demise of the humble housewife, there are quite a few ways that women are trying to sneak their way into. Now as a male I would normally protest, but in this case I may just shut up. Below are some calandar wallpapers created by two comic artists Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera. For each month of the year since 2007, they take a famous male character from a comic book or cartoon and create an increadibly sexy female equivalent.
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apple’s new 4G iPhone

This is the story of the new 4G iPhone and how the world has got its hands on this top-secret phone. Due to the stupidity of a rookie engineer at apple, we now have been able to unearth this story that is making waves the world over. The one thing that keeps on bugging me though could this not be a deliberate move by Steve Jobs and the cool kids at apple? What better way to create hype post iPad than accidentally leaking the latest iPhone. If apple knows how to do one thing great, it is to create hype and excitement around its products.
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The 5 Funniest “iPad” Parodies!

There has just been way too much hype around the launch of the Apple iPad in recent weeks. Are you tired of hearing about "Why the iPad is the best ever..." Well we are. We have seen some really hilarious iPad parodies and thought that we would do what we do best; scavenge the web to find the best examples of these and bring them all to one place.
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Female gamers archetypes – the silent threat

OK so I am prone to this lapse of judgement, the pitfalls amongst all pitfalls; the ever convenient stereotype. We use them and throw them around like confetti at a wedding, they just make life easier and yet we know that it’s so wrong. So it’s no surprise that stereotypes have made their mark in the online world, going as far as the intricacies of gaming.