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Simon Pegg Is Co-Writing Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg

It has been confirmed that Simon Pegg is set to co-write Star Trek 3. Pegg will be reprising his role as the Enterprise’s chief engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in Star Trek 3, but will also be taking the writer’s seat together with Doug Jung (Confidence and Dark Blue). Star Trek 3 has had its fair share of pre-production set backs. First ... Read More »

Sick Digital Paintings

Digital Art F

Artist, Euclase, has completely blown our minds with these digital paintings of some of our beloved characters. What really makes these digital paintings special is that it is very hard to believe that they aren’t actually photos. RELATED: The Art Of Destiny Is A Hardcover Book Of Concept Art From The Game Check them out and let us know what you ... Read More »

Funny Fake Facebook Ad

Fake Facebook Ad 1

 Brent Weinbach, a YouTube comedy director, created a fake Facebook ad. RELATED: Old People React To Playing GTA V This hilarious video is in the style of an old-school internet commercial. The three-minute fake ad take us back to the time when chat rooms and dial-up modems was the best thing since knitted toilet seat covers. The ad (successfully) aims to recreate ... Read More »

Nando’s Black Card: True Status Symbol

Nando's Black Card Featured

The Nando’s black card has become a bit of a celebrity status symbol, but does it even exist? RELATED: McDonald’s Is Getting Its Own Movie Apparently the Nando’s black card is given to certain celebrities around the world for unlimited free food. It has been alleged that the likes of Oprah, Dizzee Rascal, David Beckham, Example and Andy Murray each have ... Read More »

Old People React To Playing GTA V

Old People React To Playing GTA V

Ever wonder what it would be like if your grandparents played GTA V? No? Well The Fine Brothers thought it would be funny to see how old people react to play GTA V. RELATED: Behold: A documentary on the ocean life of GTA V As you can expect, the older players’ reactions are completely hilarious and it’s interesting to see how ... Read More »

Sick Superhero Hoodies

Superhero Hoodies Featured

CoyotePopClothing has created the sickest Superhero hoodies. RELATED: Superheroes In The 16th Century What make these Superhero hoodies so cool is that none of the superheroes’ names are mentioned. Instead, colours and designers are used to suggest different DC and Marvel superheroes. The creators of these hoodies are releasing them in waves. Unfortunately, the current wave (Wave 6) ends on 23 January, ... Read More »

The Sims (Honest Game Trailer)

The Sims Honest Trailer Featured

Whether you love it or hate it, the popular life simulation game, The Sims, is a real time-waster game. RELATED: Fan Recreates Friends in the Sims 4   Some would argue that it has some architectural skill to it or some psychological benefits, but there really is no point to The Sims other than having fun playing digital god. Smosh Games have made ... Read More »

Game Of Thrones Football Uniforms

Game of Thrones Featured

Fashion designer Nerea Palacios created these fabulous football uniforms inspired by Game of Thrones. Check out the different Game of Thrones football uniforms and let us know in the comments below which “team” you would support: RELATED: Game of Thrones Football Team Emblems Read More »

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