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Sony Cancels The Interview Amidst Hack And Terrorism Threats

Seth Rogen;James Franco

Sony has announced that it won’t be releasing the Seth Rogan and James Franco movie, The Interview, not even on VOD or DVD. This move by Sony comes after the company was hacked last month by a group called the Guardians of Peace. The hacker group were believed to be working for the North Korean government because of the plot ... Read More »

Trailer: Hot Tub Time Machine 2


It’s been nearly 4 years since the gang were jetted to the past to relive their glory days. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is a little different because the group travel to the year 2025 to save the past…which is actually the present. The storyline isn’t the only thing that has changed as John Cusack won’t be returning and is ... Read More »

McDonald’s Is Getting Its Own Movie

Mcdonald's F

Just like The Social Network, McDonald’s will be telling the story of how it rose to become the biggest fast food restaurant in the world. The movie will be called The Founder and John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr. Banks) is reportedly in negotiations to direct it. THR describes the upcoming movie as: The Founder is a drama that tells the true story ... Read More »

The World’s Top Paid Musicians 2014

Top Paid Musicians 2014

Dr. Dre is this year’s top paid musician, according to Forbes. Dr. Dre banked $620 million this year, largely thanks to selling Beat, the company he cofounded, to Apple for $3 billion. This is the most any musician has ever earned in one year. Runner-up, Beyoncé brought in $115 million this year and 3rd place, The Eagles earned $100 million ... Read More »

50s Style Satirical Illustrations Of Modern Problems

satirical illustrations 14

John Holcroft, a British illustrator, has created satirical illustrations that address today’s problems using a retro 50s style. The illustrations are based on 50s advertisements that reflect modern social issues and behaviour, drawn in a satirical way. His illustrations focus on issues like society’s dependence on technology, our greed and how workers and employees have become devalued. RELATED: 10 Minimalist ... Read More »

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