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Hunch Twitter game can look into a crystal ball and answer questions on your behalf

OK maybe not that far BUT the game asks users to supply them with their Twitter user name and based on who they follow and who they are followed by, it predicts how this person will answer questions. We have a feeling that Twitter quickly scans your Twitter followers and getting some obvious topical data, such as age range and sex. Then it uses the aggregate Hunch data that the service has collected over the past several months.

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My Mom’s On Facebook viral video

There has been huge debate to see whether people would remain on Facebook if their mother's befriended them on this platform. This resulted in a group of guys uniting and creating 'My Mom's On Facebook' song, which has already generated well over half a million views since it was uploaded last week (16 March 2010).
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Twankernomics – Parody video to infamous Socialnomics

The Socialnomics YouTube video has been making its rounds over the Internet for just over year; pretty much like the blow up doll in a men's prison. It has been used to coax reluctant brands on to social media, get buy-in from the people who hold the budget strings and to be able to pat ourselves on the back. It was only a matter of time until a parody of this video would arrive and here it is.

Norwegian Curling Team Pants Explode onto Facebook

The Norwegian team decided to wear these beautiful pants to bring a bit of excitement to the game and stand out from the crowd. In the interview with the team, the captain mentioned that guys are indifferent when it comes to the pants... but the girls love them. The public love these pants so much that it has exploded onto facebook. The fan page that was set up by New York curler Tony D’Orazio garnered 200 fans in 20 minutes and is now at almost 500,000 within a week.
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We are google and we can kill you

Google is the new evil incarnate according to comedy.com; "We have never had a single, original idea ever. Our business model is to find something successful that already exists and then use our trillions of dollars to make a Google version. MapQuest sure seems to be popular and profitable. Boom! Google Maps."