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The NEW (and improved) Facebook

So there has been huge fanfare about the new Facebook homepage redesign and what it means to developers, businesses and ultimately the end-user. Although there has been a mixed reception on the new Facebook homepage, on paper it does sound like a user-friendly setup. The aim it seems to keep everything a maximum of 2 clicks away.
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5 Social Media Tips for Indie musicians

At least that's what the "social media rock stars" told the audience at an event this afternoon hosted by the Recording Academy as part of its Grammy Awards festivities this weekend. Panelists included Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Kevin Rose of Digg, David Karp of Tumblr and actor-musician Jared Leto.
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Google Social Search Now LIVE

So finally Google has brough social search to the masses. Social search has now reached BETA status and is enabled for all signed-in English browsers (which should be you seeing as you are reading this!) It looks to be a very useful tool for users once it has had a bit of refinement.