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Retrospective: Jonty Rhodes Cricket (with download)

Probably the world's best cricket game until Electronic Arts' EA Sports version years later, Allan Border's Cricket is also known as Graham Gooch World Class Cricket, Jonty Rhodes II World Class Cricket, and probably a myriad other names depending on where the game was released. Aside from different introductory picture featuring different cricket stars (Jonty Rhodes in the South African version of the game, for instance), all versions of the game feature the same great gameplay.
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Portal 2 – Yes GLaDOS is Still Alive

Portal 2 has been announced through the use of a very tricky teaser campaign. An updated DLC version of portal was made available (has been nothing for ages as Portal was released in 2007) users downloaded this and found weird audio clues that needed to be decoded in order to discover the announcement of Portal 2. Detail here...