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apple’s new 4G iPhone

This is the story of the new 4G iPhone and how the world has got its hands on this top-secret phone. Due to the stupidity of a rookie engineer at apple, we now have been able to unearth this story that is making waves the world over. The one thing that keeps on bugging me though could this not be a deliberate move by Steve Jobs and the cool kids at apple? What better way to create hype post iPad than accidentally leaking the latest iPhone. If apple knows how to do one thing great, it is to create hype and excitement around its products.
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Leech Plug – The EcoFriendly gadget for chargers

So everyone is now aware of the watsted energy from chargers that are left plugged into the wall. But sometimes you need to leave you device plugged in to charge while you are out the house ... Thats where the aptly named Leech Plug comes in... this awesome looking gadget knows when your device is fully charged and the plug drops off like a fat leech that has had as much as it possibly can.
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Bioloid Robot kit – World domination in a box!

Have you always wanted to build your own robot and takeover the world? Of course you have, as an avid reader of PixelVulture those are the things we techie's dream about at night. A great new "toy" had popped up at the New York Toy Fair this year that could help you achieve your dream (building a robot - world domination is still pretty unlikely.)