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GoPro Dog Harness

GoPro Dog Harness Featured

Capture man’s best friend’s point of view with the GoPro dog harness, called Fetch.   The harness can either be attached to your dog’s back or chest. The straps are all padded to prevent any fur pulling and the dog harness is completely washable and water-resistant. The camera is secured on a movable mount to prevent it from flying off ... Read More »

Next-Gen Lighting Effects in Unreal Engine 4


French artist koola  has created some magical scenes using Unreal Engine 4 and some advanced lighting techniques to bring realism to an entirely new level. Switch to HD and prepare to be amazed! Now if only we could get this level of detail in a game… via @Kotaku Read More »

PS4 Update 2.0 brings SharePlay


At the Gamescom 2014 Sony press conference, Sony announced the upcoming release of update 2.0 for the Playstation 4. This update includes some pretty major updates. Sony are finally bringing YouTube integration to the PS4 allowing you to share your gameplay videos directly to YouTube (hooray!), they are also adding improvements to finding friends and now recommending new like-minded friends ... Read More »

Safely Eject Disk: Is it really necessary?


Your machine gets so cross with you when you don’t safely remove a USB or hard drive, but is it really necessary? The reasoning behind it In general, the answer is yes, but why? Most Windows and Apple operating systems perform write caching. What this means is that your machine, in simple terms, waits to perform certain actions and then performs ... Read More »

Beautiful Retro Gaming Console


While everyone is still drooling of the PS4 and Xbox One “Next-Gen” platforms, a new retro gaming console has poked it’s head in the door with a very different offering. The R-Kaid-R is a portable emulator machine with an arcade stick, meaning you can play loads of your favourite classic games the way they were supposed to be played, anywhere ... Read More »

Phone Charging Myths

RIP Battery

If you have a mobile phone, chances are that you’ve had an issue with one of your many phones’ batteries. It happens to us all and we all blame ourselves – “I shouldn’t have used it while it was charging”, “I should have charged it for 24 hours before using it for the first time”, etc. We al try our best to ... Read More »

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