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Google Cloud Computing – How Safe is your Data?

In a blog post today, Google essentially reminds its enterprise customers that Google Apps provides an alternative to expensive, complex solutions as far as data disaster recovery goes. Have you ever tried to get a quote to recover a corrupted hard drive? It is incredibly expensive and takes ages...
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Transparent OLED screen technology

This is an awesome new innovation from Samsung. The Samsung Mobile Display's prototype 14-inch notebook -- complete with what's being touted as the world's first and largest transparent OLED prototype. When the thing is off, the panel is up to 40 percent transparent.
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The 5 Funniest “iPad” Parodies!

There has just been way too much hype around the launch of the Apple iPad in recent weeks. Are you tired of hearing about "Why the iPad is the best ever..." Well we are. We have seen some really hilarious iPad parodies and thought that we would do what we do best; scavenge the web to find the best examples of these and bring them all to one place.
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Apple iPad revealed!

Wow! So as correctly predicted, Apple have announceed their latest addition to the digital history books. Its called the Apple iPad. We've been following the announcement very closely and have some great pics of Steve Jobs' presentation courtesy of Engadget.