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Future FIFA: Will FIFA ever look this real?

future fifa

Every year we see a new FIFA game come out and this year looks to be a goodie with full new-gen support but what about the Future of FIFA? We have seen some great trailers showing the new graphics for FIFA 15 but will we ever see real lifelike graphics?   Well, YouTuber MHjerpseth wanted to see what this could look like. He ... Read More »

FIFA 14 Review

fifa 14 xbox review screenshot

Reviewing FIFA has become like a birthday for me, it is a stark reminder of how quickly the years go by but it’s fun because you get cake. Well a brand new game is kind of like cake… So its another year and yet another FIFA. What can you expect this year? This year, without a doubt, FIFA 14 is ... Read More »

Relive the FIFA World Cup games with tweets

2010 FIFA World Cup Twitter replay - Germany vs Australia

Now the inner geek in me was very excited when I came across this, a way to watch my favourite football matches during the World Cup but purely through the mentions tracked on Twitter. See how excitement of a goal increases the amount of tweets or how a lull or boring game decreases the amount of tweets. Read More »

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