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Behold: A documentary on the ocean life of GTA V

maxresdefault (1)

Isn’t the internet just a wonderful place? This video is a documentary showcasing the underwater ecosystem of GTA V’s Los Santos created by 8-Bit Bastard. Explore the ocean with some brilliant narration that really does feel like a full blown wildlife documentary. So grab your popcorn and settle down for some underwater education (not real education, but you know what ... Read More »

Blood Sport: A Game That Makes You Bleed For Real

Blood Sport F

Blood Sport is Brand & Grotesque‘s Kickstarted campaign that hopes to develop a gaming blood collection system. RELATED: 6 Types of Gamer Reactions to Losing How It Works Most controllers come with a rumbling system where the controller vibrates whenever you take a hit. What Blood Sport aims to do is take the rumbling system of your controller and turn it into ... Read More »

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review


A new Call of Duty release is something that you can set your watch by (or calendar at least). Like FIFA, a new Call of Duty is a guaranteed release and a sure-fire bet to rake in the money. Unlike FIFA however, the Call of Duty franchise has been passed around to different developers allowing for different interpretations (both good ... Read More »

Gunnar Intercept Review


Gunnar Optiks provide a range of different glasses specifically targeted towards gamers that reduce eye strain and enhance your gaming. We thought this sounded like a lot of marketing genius and no substantial value, so we got our hands on a couple of pairs of Gunnar Intercepts to test them out. The Intercepts come in a range of colours with ... Read More »

Destiny Honest Trailer – Tells it like it is


Destiny had everything going for it, failed to deliver on many of the selling points and still managed to sell millions of copies. It’s a living game that will be getting updates throughout it’s life cycle (both free and paid) but the game that launched did miss the mark. This Honest trailer tells it like it is, albeit a bit ... Read More »

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