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Top 10 Most Popular Google Searches 2014

Google Top 10 Featured

Google has released its annual top 10 most popular searches. You can check out the 2 lists below, This year Google has released 2 lists, one for the most popular search in the South Africa and one for the most popular searches worldwide. The 2 lists are very similar, with only a few differences. This year seems to have been a ... Read More »

Germany Warns Google Against Privacy Violations

Google Featured

Germany has issued a warning against Google regarding its user profiling activities. Apparently Google’s practice of profiling users across different services is in violation of German privacy laws. The warning was issued by The Hamburg Data Protection Authority. The Authority averred that Google is in violation of the German Telemedia Act as well as the German Federal Data Protection Act, ... Read More »

How well does Google know you?

Google Featured

If you are wondering how well Google knows you just based on your search history, the short answer is REALLY well. About 2 years ago Google’s ad settings page was released on the internet. This page shows your advertisement profile, which enables Google to assess your age, gender and interests. All this information is collected by assessing your search history and then ... Read More »

Google’s Right to Be Forgotten in South Africa

Forget Me

Following the recent European Court Of Justice ruling in which Google must respect an individual’s right to be forgotten, we looked into what this right means for South Africans. Below is a summary of your right to be forgotten in terms of South African legislation. It is important to note that South African law does not explicitly recognise a general ... Read More »

Google Chrome for Android [Video]

Finally Google have launched Chrome for Android. Chrome is Google’s no nonsense simplified speedy web browser which took the web by storm several years ago. Creating a mobile version is a natural progression and Google look to have done a solid job. Google Chrome for Android is available for Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices only. Check out this video explaining Chrome mobile ... Read More »

Google Algorithm to filter out sites with too many ads


Do you have a lot of ads on your website? Google‘s new and improved search algorithm, which is designed to favour sites that maintain a good balance of content and ads, could automatically filter it out of search results pages. The change comes after complaints of searches regularly turning up sites that have loads of ads and minimal content. Read More »

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