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HOW TO Mass Delete Tweets

Mass Delete Tweets

The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away. Trevor Noah recently received a lot of new and sudden attention when it was announced that he will be replacing Jon Stewart on the popular Comedy Central show, The Daily Show. After the announcement everyone took to the Internet to find out more about this South African comedian filling the shoes of ... Read More »

me&you – New South African Mobile Provider Coming Soon

me&you F

me&you is the new South African mobile provider, launching on 4 May 2015. This new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) will be launched by Durban-based Ignition Group and will use Cell C’s network to provide its services. RELATED: Cell C’s WhatsApp Promotion Gets Extended Again Who loves their mobile provider? Hands up. Anyone? Anyone? pic.twitter.com/4o5uxMvslh — Be Unordinary (@BeUnordinary) April 22, 2015 ... Read More »

The Most High-Tech Condom In The World

High-tech Condom 3

Most guys don’t like wearing condoms and sometimes there is a stigma that surrounds wearing it, because people complain that it reduces the pleasure experienced during sex. The University of Wollongong in Australia claims to have solved this problem with a high-tech condom. RELATED: The Cicret Bracelet Projects A Smartphone Onto Your Skin The University was one of 52 universities that ... Read More »

HOW TO Block Someone On Messaging Apps


That guy you gave your number to can’t stop messaging you, or your grandmother keeps sending you chain messages about the end of the world. Getting unwanted messages are annoying and a major distraction. Here are some tips on how to block someone on messaging apps: RELATED: HOW TO Block Someone On Social Media Sites 1. WhatsApp What makes WhatsApp so ... Read More »

HOW TO Block Someone On Social Media Sites

Block Someone on Social Media

Whether you are sick of a Facebook request from the same person over and over or whether someone is trolling you on Twitter, it is easy to block someone on social media sites. Check out these steps to block someone on all the major social media sites: RELATED: HOW TO Block Someone On Gmail 1. Facebook If you’ve already followed our ... Read More »

HOW TO Block Someone On Gmail

Block Someone On Gmail

Whether it’s spam or an ex, sometimes you just can’t stand opening your Gmail account and seeing that dreaded email. But don’t change your email address just yet, here are some steps to set up filters to block someone on Gmail: RELATED: HOW TO Block Someone On Social Media Sites STEP 1: Log Into Your Gmail Account Go to gmail.com and ... Read More »

Posting Memes In Russia Can Get You Sued

Memes in Russia

Thinking of posting memes in Russia? Think again, because according to a policy directive you could be sued. Roskomnadzor, Russia’s agency that is in charge of policing the internet, media and telecommunications, issued a policy directive which states that it is illegal to create and post memes of public figures in Russia. The directive comes in response to a recent ... Read More »

HOW TO Setup Force Click For Mac

Force Click 1

The new 2015 version of the MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro have all new features like the fifth-generation Intel Core processor, faster flash storage and longer battery life. But the coolest new feature is Apple’s new Force Touch Trackpad, which allows you to Force Click. RELATED: Everything You Need To Know About Yesterday’s Apple Event A Force Click lets you use ... Read More »

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