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Xbox One Launches: TODAY (last day to enter our competition)

Xbox One Featured

The waiting is officially over. The Xbox One launch day has arrived and the console is officially available at AnimeWorx, BT Games, CNA, Dion Wired, and BT Games will be open at 7am Our competition closes for entries at 17:00 this afternoon so if you are reading this and don’t have an entry, make sure you register HERE to ... Read More »

5 Tech Phobias


We are obviously obsessed with everything technology related, but some people don’t share this love and actually suffer from some of these tech phobias: 1. Nomophobia This is the fear of being without your mobile phone. And we all probably suffer from it to a a certain degree, as suggested by a survey done in the UK. The survey found that 66% ... Read More »

5 More Tips to Improve your iPhone Battery Life

iPhone Battery spilling

If our previous 5 tips to improve your iPhone’s battery life weren’t enough for you, check out these 5 further tricks to prolong charging your iPhone: READ MORE: Phone Charging Myths 1. Close Unused Apps We are constantly using all kinds of apps like Facebook or Angry Birds, but these apps suck Phone battery life so be sure to close ... Read More »

SmartDroplet: Make your garden smarter


Following on from the trend of smart homes and “The internet of Things” concept, we came across this awesome little gadget that will bring some cool tech to your garden. Droplet is the world’s first smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services to transform the way sprinkler systems function. Droplet keeps your ... Read More »

Xbox One Pre-Orders Open in South Africa With 2 Bundle Options

Xbox Pre-order Launch in SA

Finally! Microsoft SA has announced that the long awaited Xbox One will be available for preorder in SA. You will be able to choose between two different bundles when it launches here on 23 September 2014: R6 295 will get you BUNDLE 1: Xbox One Console with 500 GB HDD Wireless Controller Chat Headset HDMI Cable Power Supply Built in Wi-Fi ... Read More »

The Future of Water in Video Games

water effects nvidia

Graphics have come a long way in recent years with textures and lighting improving dramatically. There is one element that developers still struggle with – water. Creating realistic water effects is one of the hardest things to do and because of that, the water scenes tend to shatter the atmosphere and bring us back to reality. Now Nvidia has a ... Read More »

The Grid from NVIDIA. Is this the future of gaming?

Nvidia Geforce Grid

The cloud has become part of our everyday lives, be it for storing data, listening to music or backing up our contacts, we relish the fact that our data is secure, but is that where it ends? Up until now, the cloud has been graciously accepted and used by anyone who has ever lost precious data due to unfavourable circumstances. ... Read More »

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