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Monday sees the launch of a very exciting South African project called Evly. Evly.com is to be the first crowdsourcing social network that utilizes a custom built drag and drop website builder. Essentially Evly is an online network of crowdsourcing communities where users can create advanced crowdsourcing websites in a few clicks to bring people together to constantly solve new challenges.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crowdsourcing  it is basically the method of sourcing a solution from a crowd, community or social network as opposed to a single contractor with the understanding that the wisdom of the crowd is greater than the wisdom of the individual.

Evly created websites function much like the group or fan-pages on other social media websites, however Evly provides users with their own unique website and the ability to grow a network based around their particular interest or need. In addition, evly will provide advanced crowdsourcing and social networking features which will enable website owners to easily manage and grow their own community.

CrowdTech, the holding company for Springleap.com, evly.com and eKomi.co.za, utilizes the insights acquired from Springleap.com’s crowdsourcing model. Along with two years of research in the development of evly, CrowdTech combines these learning’s in the development of this distinctive crowdsourcing social media platform. Co-Founder, Eran Eyal suggests:

“The social web is no longer going to be about idle chatter on a platform populated by reactive users: evly.com is about a world of PRO-active website creators and community members constantly looking to solve new problems and build solutions in an environment saturated by the right tools.”

Evly definitely sounds like an exciting project that you should keep an eye on, we definitely think you should have look at Evly.com and try it out for yourself or check them out on twitter. Check out a brief overview of Evly in this video:

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