The Facebook like button has been integrated on blogs, sites, and online presences the world over. Everyone is letting users share content on their Facebook Profiles. Through this Facebook has been able to increase their hold, making Facebook even more crucial for all of us. World domination in short.

Twitter has realised this and want their fair share of this pie. Please give a warm welcome to the Tweet button.

Just launched last week this button also has some benefits for the blog or site where the original content sits. Once a user clicks the Tweet button and shares the link, they will be given a list of other profiles that they could follow; one of these being the blog’s or website’s feed. BONUS.

There have been ReTweet buttons around for a while, but these are from a third party. This one is 100% Twitter love. (Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.) All you need are a few lines of code and voila - we have just added our Tweet button and we are so proud of it.

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