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2009 has come and gone so quickly that the Global Language Monitor have released their top word list 2009. I would have thought it may have been Apple or Microsoft or Google with the constant battling that has gone on between Microsoft and the other two, but I am stupid (not really) and wrong, oh so wrong. The word that was top of the pops, more mentioned than any other, its sliding off everyone’s tongue so easily lately, is drum roll please… TWITTER.

“In a year dominated by worl-shaking political events, a pandemic, the after effects of a financial tsunami, and the death of a revered pop icon, the word Twitter stands above all the other words,” Global Language Monitor president Paul JJ Payack wrote in a statement.

The runners up for the top word of 2009 were “Obama,” “H1N1,” “Stimulus,” “vampire” (very cool, pity it has everything to do with Twilight - fuck thats is such a shit movie), “2.0,” (as in web 2.0), “deficit” (Im thinking the American budget), “hadron” (nearly got interesting there) and healthcare. The top phrases for the year were, “King of Pop.” The top name for the year was none other than “Obama.”

The Global Language Monitor determines its word lists using a proprietary algorithm in its Predictive Quantities Indicator, which looks for words and phrases circulating the media and the internet, it looks at frequency, context, and both long-term and short-term shifts in usage. The analysis now includes things like blogs and social media.