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World of Goo. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? It an indie game developed a while ago by 2D Boy. I got it recently - the best thing about indie games it that they are small and quick to download! This game has absolutely blown my mind. It is quirky, fun, well executed, visually awesome and super challenging.

world of goo indie game logo

The basis of the game is built around physics. You need to build towers of little Goo balls to try and reach an objective. You need to use as few Goo balls as possible in order to get points and pass the level. The game comprises of 5 chapters each with their own art direction and interesting Goo balls - floating ones, exploding ones even sticky ones. Sounds simple enough, but gets really tough!

world of goo screenshot

You have to try this for yourself - get the World of Goo demo here and you will be hooked - so get your credit card ready to get the full version shortly after ;)

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