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It’s been an eventful few weeks for World Cup fans around the globe. Many have taken to Twitter in record numbers to tweet about coaching decisions, referee calls and, of course, goals.

We have posted several articles about the World Cup including a cool way to replay and visualise the past World Cup games usign Twitter. Continuing in this vain we saw this on the official Twitter Blog and had to share it.

These goals had the highest Tweets-per-second (TPS) count in the 30 seconds after a goal was scored.

The most tweeted goals of the opening week…

1) Japan scores against Cameroon on June 14 in their 1-0 victory (2,940 TPS)
2) Brazil scores their first goal against North Korea in their 2-1 June 14 victory (2,928 TPS)
3) Mexico ties South Africa in their June 11 game (2,704 TPS)

Were these all-time Twitter records? Yes, but only until last night’s deciding game of the NBA Championship between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. The Lakers’ victory generated a record 3,085 TPS as the game ended.

For context, Twitter currently sees about 750 TPS on an average day and 65 million total Tweets a day.

Thanks to @LouisaKorkie for the article

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