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Tracker - the vehicle recovery company has just launched a massive campaign across SA. An epic 75 second TV advert was shot for this campaign. The advert focuses on an 85 year-old woman and tells the story of her life shot exclusively through the backseats of numerous vehicles that have carried her through the decades. It was shot in location in Cape Town at 36 locations and involved no less than 76 wardrobe changes. To add to the advert’s filmic appeal, it’s comprised entirely of still photos – some of which have been slowed down and animated at different speeds for artistic effect.

The result is a beautiful crafted advert t – that shows the real value of vehicle tracking and how, so often, Tracker does not only recover the metal and rubber of the vehicles they track, but saves lives as well.

The three versions of the advert (75, 60 and 30 seconds), conceptualized by Joe Public and produced by production company, Egg, were directed by Kevin Fitzpatrick. A specialized Director of Photography was also flown in from Prague for the six-day shoot.

“While stolen vehicle recovery and telematics remains our business, making a real difference to people’s lives is our purpose. We are driven to Take Back Tomorrow in every way we can as an organisation and this advert, we believe, illustrates this,” says Bronwynn Tippett, Tracker’s Marketing Manager.

“For many years tracking devices have been considered grudge purchases, insisted on by insurance companies. We’re hoping that this new campaign will help ‘ungrudge’ the purchase by demonstrating the true human value of what we offer to South Africans,” explains Tippett.

The campaign is supported online by the specially created domain, True Stories. This website illustrates the difference Tracker makes in the lives of ordinary South Africans, by publishing uplifting true stories from Tracker customers who have been affected by a crime that Tracker either prevented or solved.

Enough about the campaign, check out the full advert below:

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