Microsoft has announced Torchlight as part of its upcoming Xbox LIVE House Party promotion starting in February.  News of the hack-n-slash RPG making its way to the Xbox 360 was welcome for fans of the series and now we’ve got the first screenshots showing the game on the Microsoft console.

torchlight logo

Torchlight is RPG which is very similar to the Diablo franchise. One of Torchlight’s key assets was the engine optimisation, the graphics were excellent and it runs smoothly on a wide range of PC’s including laptops.

Torchlight aficionados will immediately notice the changes to the user interface to compensate for using an Xbox 360 controller over a mouse on the PC.  Instead of clicking the mouse to get to the Inventory, Character, Spellbook, Quests, Pet, Journal, Map, and Configuration players will now use a combination of the facebuttons and triggers.

The health and mana globes were also moved to the top corners with potions now consumed by pressing the right and left bumper buttons on the controller.  The mini-map was also moved to the bottom right while the player information box was moved to the bottom left.

The user interface isn’t the only thing new though as Runic Games confirmed that the Xbox 360 version will feature “new quests, armor sets, weapons, and a new pet.”

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