The much anticipated sequel to the first Assassins Creed has been released worldwide and is available in SA stores soon. The first game really left the player hanging with the real world scenario to be continued. Don’t know what i’m talking about? Go and play the first game to see what you are missing - You won’t regret it. The sequel starts exactly where the last one ended, not missing a beat you are thrown into the familiar stealth/action story.



Assassins Creed 2 is set in Italy with breathtaking scenery of Venice and Florence amongst others. This new installment features a new monetary system with the ability to buy armor and weapons making a deeper, more immersible experience for the player. Loads of small bugs and quirks have been sorted out in this new installment, which would make it top of my Christmas list as it is. But the main draw card will be the next part of the Assassins saga - well that and the pure ecstacy of sneakying around and assassinating the evil for the good of mankind.

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