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So the word on the street is that The Strokes will start recording a new album in January next year four years after thy released First Impressions of Earth.

This is according to band mates Nikolai Fraiture and front man Julian Casablancas.

“While the guys are in LA, I went to scout some studios in NYC with Ryan Gentles (The Strokes manager) today for what looks like Jan recording!!! mood = f***ing excited.” Fraiture wrote on his Twitter page.

Casablancas added that the plans were not set in concrete, but he did say that January sessions had been discussed.

“We’re supposed to get back together in January but don’t hold me to that,” Casablancas told Pitchfork. “We’ve been trying to do it for years. I’m always available and they know that but getting together is tough,” he added.

So WTF does this mean? Are they recording or not? Come on guys, get it together, get back in the fucking studio and do what the five of you were born to do, make music not as Albert Hammond Jnr or Julian Casablancas, but as The Strokes. We have all been waiting so patiently and it is wearing thin now!

What is the world without another Strokes album? Its an empty, boring fucking place populated by a slue of new artists trying to do what you started.

The world of Indie Rock just isn’t the same without new material from The Strokes.

They released the Album of the Decade ( for shits sakes, usher in the new one with an equally brilliant offering, show us all that The Strokes still are still the definition of cool.

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