Red Eyes and Tears no more for you my love I kill

“Red eyes and tears no more for you my love I fear

Red eyes and tears no more for you my love I fear

No more fear no more fear I’m in love”

Lyrics from the track “Red Eyes and Tears” off BRMC’s first studio album and I have loved these boys ever since!! When my mates bought me their self titled album in 2001 my life changed forever. It was BRMC that was majorly influential in my making the shift from the bullshit that today offends my ears off the radio, to the greatest kind of music in the world, INDIE!!

So three records later and now BRMC are set to release a 5th, personally, I cant fucking wait. Its going to be called “Beat the Devils Tattoo” and will be released 8 March on the bands own record label called Abstract Dragon.

The Californian trio will be embarking on a three month tour of the US of A in February next year with UK dates to be announced later on in the year.

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