At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Adobe unveiled AIR and Flash 10.1 for Android, both of which should arrive in the first half of 2010. So now we can all look forward to having flash games and AIR apps on our mobiles. Yes it may be starting with Andriod but, through the “Open Screen Project,” a consortium of 70+ companies ranging from Nokia to AOL, Adobe is hoping to make Flash and AIR consistent parts of mobile devices worldwide (along with netbooks, Tablets, and any other device that could potentially support the Flash platform)

Adobe AIR will have the ability to create mobile apps for Android (and beyond), allowing developers to port their web-centric creations into mobile and utilise information such as GPS in their apps.

Adobe didn’t reveal all that much about the capabilities of Flash and AIR in either a blog post or its official announcement. Have a look below at the video - Flash Platform in action - Adobe AIR mobile on Droid

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