ExtensionFM is an extension for Google’s Chrome web browser that indexes every MP3 music file you come across while surfing - seriously cool!

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There are countless free MP3 music blogs scattered around the web, and they’re a fantastic resource for lesser-known artists or promotional tracks from the big guys and gals. When you’re sorting through hundreds of pages of music links, it’s easy to wander away from a song you were interested in and lose it.

ExtensionFM solves that problem by giving your browser a library tab that lists and sorts every song you’ve ever found a link to.

plugin is also useful as a sort of Pandora or Last.fm replacement. Any time you visit a website with several MP3 links, a streaming playlist is automatically generated. Just press a couple of buttons at the top of the browser and the songs will stream in sequence just like they would in an iTunes playlist or an online radio station. You can also play each song individually.

Check it out Extension FM now! The introductory/overview vid is below:

(Taken from Mashables Spark of Genius series)

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