Online shopping is fantastic. We get to look, browse and window shop to our heart’s content, and then once in a while we decide to purchase a few items.Now add the feeling you get when you walk into a pet shelter and have to choose only one pet to take home. All those big eyes looking at you lovingly. Now take these concepts/ideas and translate this into an online dating site. Voila. AdoptAGuy.

“Ladies, find great deals at the Supermarket of love” - their words, not mine.

But what it all comes down to is the fact that we, ladies, have the power in this dating site. We can browse, look and put men in a shopping cart. Pure bliss. Success? According to TechCrunch it seems that it is souring. With more than 3 million users, most fall withing the 18 - 30 age bracket and huge uptake in France, Switzerland and Belgium (the site was until recently all in french and the US site went live recently, with whisperings of a UK one coming up soon.) My verdict? I love the fact that the ladies have control. Would love to try it when it hits our shore… Not that I need a dating site. cough cough ;)

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