Big releases are all about awesome trailers. A good trailer can create tons of hype for an upcoming game. Here are the 5 best game trailers that we have seen. Vote in our poll below as to which you think should be the number one trailer.

Number 5

Neverwinter Nights 2 - This epic trailer shows a battle between good an evil and is beautifully rendered. I am not a NWN fan but this was enough to make me purchase a copy just to see what all the hype was about.

Number 4

Resident Evil 5 - The graphics in this trailer really capture the essence of an central African town (I have been to a few like this.) The brilliant use of light in this one makes it a beautiful scene to watch.

Number 3

Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter - This trailer really showed the gaming world what modern warfare should look like in a game. Beautiful graphics and intense action.

Number 2

Hellgate London - There was so much hype around the launch of this title! I for one was dying to get my hands on it - unfortunately it never lived up to what it promised to be - however they did have some awesome trailers most notably this one (but also check out the one in the church.)

Number 1

Gears of War - This is undoubtably my favourite trailer ever. Its not the most beautiful trailer or the most intense, but the muted sound with the awesome Mad World song plying throughout really did it for me! Always worth watching again.

Don’t agree with us? What are your favourite trailers? drop us a comment below or vote in our poll as to which of these should hold the number one spot!

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