So we have all seen enough bits and pieces of touch screen technology over the last few years. For years tech guru’s from around the world have been searching for a control interface that just works the way you want it to. While browsing the web for a cool little bit of awesomeness to share with you, we found this post on Mashable. It’s a brand new touch screen idea that is really quite exciting.

Skin is a product developed by Displax that is a very simple to use technology. Skin is basically a wafer thin film that can be used on any non-metallic surface, instantly transforming that surface into an interactive touch screen.

There is some serious tech behind this simple product including the ability to detect 16 different fingers and sense air movement near its surface. Basically Skin uses a grid of nanowires embedded within the polymer film. Each time a user makes contact with the surface, either by blowing on it or directly touching it, “a small electrical disturbance is detected allowing the micro-processor controller to pinpoint the movement or direction of the air flow,” according to Displax.

This brings us a step closer to having fully interactive touch screens included in office boardrooms or school classes. Very cool, check out the Displax website for more info.

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