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How soon will you be an instant celebrity? The beauty of the internet is that everyone has a chance to express themselves and rocket to instant fame. We know you have thought about it… what happens if Ashton Kutcher retweets your video post or if Paris takes a liking to your online cupcake store. The question is “How will you handle the fame?”

Well HP have stepped up with a new Facebook campaign that will allow you to test your skills in fending off the paparazzi. Here is what you need to know in order to win some really awesome HP prizes.

How the competition works - You will need to take your HP Laptop in hand and fend off the paparazzi. You need to whip up a pose like a true celeb while using the laptop to shield them from all the flashing bulbs of the camera. Take the pic and go to the HP SA Facebook page and write the following on the wall: “Life is my stage. HP and Intel help me perform. You can help me win. Do you like my pose?” and upload your photo together with the post.

The Prizes - Here is where it gets interesting… HP are giving away a HP Envy, a premium laptop with professional audio editing and production capabilities. This prize will go to the picture with the most “Likes”. There is also a stylish little HP Mini 210 that will go to the picture with the second most “Likes”.

The Rules - Participants must be striking a pose with your laptop in the photo.

- The laptop must be an HP laptop.

- The following must be posted on HP SA’s Facebook wall with the photo: “Life is my

stage. HP and Intel help me perform. You can help me win. Do you like

my pose?”

- Participants can only post each photo once.

- Participants can submit as many different photos as you like.

- The competition ends on 21st October.

Head off to the HP South Africa page to find out more and to enter.

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