Letterbombing. What is this? According to Dictionary.com this is “An email message containing live data intended to do nefarious things to the recipient’s computer or terminal.” And while we are at it here is what Urban Dictionary has to say on this matter: “A song by Green Day, appearing on their 7th album, American Idiot. It is a song about Whatsername sending a letter to Jesus of Suburbia, or St.Jimmy, and telling him how he isn’t saving the city (City og the Damned). Whatsername also states in the letter that she is going to leave him and the city behind.”

Making any sense? Well lets put you at ease and add that in no way was an email involved or hurt during the making of this letterbomb and it definitely has nothing to do with Green Day (and the best part is that you too can do something like this and essentially tag any Facebook Page/Profile).

So what is this? This is when you and your friends get together and dominate a Page / Profile on Facebook with wall posts. The second step is where you all change your profile picture to a letter in the alphabet, and this then spells out a message (for the whole list of steps go to the letterbombing site). Pure genius.Pure boredom buster.

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