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Electric Objects: Put Internet Art on Your Walls

Electric-Objects Main

Ever wish you could have moving paintings like the ones in Harry Potter? Wish no more - Electric Objects are HD screens powered by a computer to allow users to display paintings, photographs and GIFs, all inside a handcrafted frame. The frame itself comes in a matte finish to resemble paintings and photographs instead of looking like a screen placed on the wall.     Electric Objects is ... Read More »

5 Things to Avoid when Taking a Selfie


Whether you love it or want to get it out of your face, the selfie is here to stay. If you are competing in the Instagrammies, then avoid these 5 things: Never EVER Duck Face Unless you want Donald to take you on a date, then what the hell are you doing? It is a trend that, unlike, skinny jeans ... Read More »

The Sleep Schedules Of 27 Of History’s Greatest Minds

fastcompany The Sleep Schedules Of 27 Of History's Greatest Minds

What do you have in common with the greatest minds the world has ever seen? The need to dos! The science of sleep and its effects on creativity, productivity and sanity is receiving a boat load of press lately so we thought we should share this with you. The sleeping habbits of some of your favourite artists, musicians & writers ... Read More »

LEGO Exo Suit – Inspired by Alien


Alien Isolation is coming out soon and has got everyone reminiscing about Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic. Well LEGO has stepped up to join the party with approval on a new project featuring an Alien inspired build for a LEGO Exo Suit.   The project was first submitted a few years ago to LEGO Ideas by Peter Reid, it’s now set for release ... Read More »

Faces of Darkness: Illustrations by Jared Krichevsky


Jared Krichevsky is a Creature Designer and Concept Artist currently working at The Aaron Sims Company. Jared is also an instructor at Gnomon School of Visual Effects teaching Introduction to ZBrush and Creature Modeling and Sculpting. His list of projects include movies such as The Wolverine, R.I.P.D. and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. This series of illustrations focuses on some of the ... Read More »

No Man’s Sky: A Sense of True Exploration

No Man's S

From the awesome makers of the Joe Danger series comes No Man’s Sky and this sky has no limits! Infinite Procedurally Generated Universe No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe. Hello Games’ CEO, Sean Murray, described the game at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference: “We’ve created a procedural universe. It’s infinite, and it’s one that everyone ... Read More »

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