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PS Vita Bundle Winner

PS Vita

The end of the competition is finally upon us. We would like to thank everyone who entered, shared on Facebook and hit the RT on Twitter. Our very lucky PS Vita Bundle winner is… Brian Chaloner. Congrats to Brain, he met the requirement of registering for our newsletter. The awesome definitely doesn’t stop here so don’t run away! We have ... Read More »

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition Review


Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition has launched on PS4 and Xbox One and although the game is now over 2 years old this version is by far the best version of the game.  The Diablo III that launched back in 2012 suffered from lots of major issues from the Auction House to the underwhelming loot drop system. However, to their credit, ... Read More »

Drift Stage is Bringing Back Arcade Racing

Drift Stage Featured

If you grew up playing arcade racing games, you are going to be obsessed with Drift Stage. This arcade-style racing game has the same pixellated effect of retro arcade games, but, as the below teaser suggests, it will be played in 3-D. The creators of Drift Stage explain that: “We’re largely trying to capture that easy-to-learn hard-to-master gameplay of ‘80s ... Read More »

The New Tomb Raider Announcement Trailer

The New Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is back in the new Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider. We just can’t wait for this one!   In the announcement trailer, which was premiered at this year’s E3, we see Lara listening to a shrink. As the title of the new Tomb Raider suggests, we will get a look into Lara’s dark past and the trailer features some childhood flashbacks. ... Read More »

Next-Gen Lighting Effects in Unreal Engine 4


French artist koola  has created some magical scenes using Unreal Engine 4 and some advanced lighting techniques to bring realism to an entirely new level. Switch to HD and prepare to be amazed! Now if only we could get this level of detail in a game… via @Kotaku Read More »

Destiny: Launch Trailer


The time is almost upon us. Destiny is just around the corner and Bungie are continuing to build the hype with the release Destiny launch trailer. After playing the Alpha and Beta I can say that I am truely excited to get stuck in when Destiny launches. I really hope that the story can match the gameplay and deliver a ... Read More »

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