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Blood Sport: A Game That Makes You Bleed For Real

Blood Sport F

Blood Sport is Brand & Grotesque‘s Kickstarted campaign that hopes to develop a gaming blood collection system. RELATED: 6 Types of Gamer Reactions to Losing How It Works Most controllers come with a rumbling system where the controller vibrates whenever you take a hit. What Blood Sport aims to do is take the rumbling system of your controller and turn it into ... Read More »

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review


A new Call of Duty release is something that you can set your watch by (or calendar at least). Like FIFA, a new Call of Duty is a guaranteed release and a sure-fire bet to rake in the money. Unlike FIFA however, the Call of Duty franchise has been passed around to different developers allowing for different interpretations (both good ... Read More »

Overwatch: New Gaming Franchise From Blizzard

Overwatch Featured

Blizzard Entertainment (creators of games like Diablo and World of Warcraft) has announced the launch of its new franchise called Overwatch. RELATED: Warcraft Movie: Meet The Cast The game is a multi-player, first-person shooter set in the future, with advanced technology and a global crisis which you and your team are tasked to contain and resolve. Check out the cinematic ... Read More »

Win an iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone at its largest and thinnest. iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger it’s so much better. More powerful but remarkably power efficient. The ultimate edition to someones Christmas stocking. This month PixelVulture.com brings you our biggest and best competition yet. Entry is simple, register for our tech/gaming/entertainment newsletter. Already  registered? You are already entered. Please share this competition with your mates on ... Read More »

Starcraft II Legacy of the Void


A new expansion for Starcraft II was announced at BlizzCon although it’s not actually an expansion. Starcraft II Legacy of the Void is a stand alone gaming, meaning you won’t need to have a copy of Starcraft II in order to play. Legacy of the Void focuses on my favourite race – the Protoss – and features a bunch of great ... Read More »

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