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5 Tech Phobias


We are obviously obsessed with everything technology related, but some people don’t share this love and actually suffer from some of these tech phobias: 1. Nomophobia This is the fear of being without your mobile phone. And we all probably suffer from it to a a certain degree, as suggested by a survey done in the UK. The survey found that 66% ... Read More »

5 More Tips to Improve your iPhone Battery Life

iPhone Battery spilling

If our previous 5 tips to improve your iPhone’s battery life weren’t enough for you, check out these 5 further tricks to prolong charging your iPhone: READ MORE: Phone Charging Myths 1. Close Unused Apps We are constantly using all kinds of apps like Facebook or Angry Birds, but these apps suck Phone battery life so be sure to close ... Read More »

Bulk Remove Photos from your iPhone with the Date Trick

Bulk Remove Photos - Featured

If you want to delete a whole bunch of pictures from your Camera Roll, your Photos app has a group selection tool. This gives you the ability to bulk remove photos by selecting groups of images by their date. With this tool you no longer have to tap and mark individual pictures. Here’s how to do it:  Go to your Photos ... Read More »

PS4 Update 2.0 brings SharePlay


At the Gamescom 2014 Sony press conference, Sony announced the upcoming release of update 2.0 for the Playstation 4. This update includes some pretty major updates. Sony are finally bringing YouTube integration to the PS4 allowing you to share your gameplay videos directly to YouTube (hooray!), they are also adding improvements to finding friends and now recommending new like-minded friends ... Read More »

Win a PS Vita Bundle

PS Vita

Our first competition is behind us but that doesn’t mean the awesome stops anytime soon. This month we have something for the gamer on the go or maybe someone who has some mini gamers in their household. This time all you need to do to enter is register for our tech/gaming and entertainment newsletter. For those of you already registered, ... Read More »

PS4 Winner!


Want to be the next winner of a PS Vita bundle? Enter here  The end of the competition is finally upon us. We would like to thank everyone who entered, shared on Facebook and hit the RT on Twitter. We would like to give special thanks to @Julsrulsbabe who shared the shit out of this competition Great work! Extra shutouts ... Read More »

Safely Eject Disk: Is it really necessary?


Your machine gets so cross with you when you don’t safely remove a USB or hard drive, but is it really necessary? The reasoning behind it In general, the answer is yes, but why? Most Windows and Apple operating systems perform write caching. What this means is that your machine, in simple terms, waits to perform certain actions and then performs ... Read More »

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