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5 of the Worst Apps for Smartphone Battery life

Smartphone Battery Life Featured

Apps are what make smartphone amazing, but these apps feed off of smartphone battery life. So, next time you are running low on battery life, be sure to quit these 5 apps: RELATED: 5 Tips To Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life 1. Facebook Facebook is not only the world’s biggest social media network, it is also the worst app ... Read More »

This is not the iPhone 6 (iPhone parody)

iPhone 6

Apples next iPhone event is set for 9 September. Rumours about the iPhone 6 are in full cry and people are about to pass out at the possibility of a bigger screen.  We love a good iPhone parody, so here is the lighter side of all the hype. Whats your favourite iPhone parody? Read More »

Instagram’s new app: Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse Featured

On Tuesday Instagram released another standalone app called Hyperlapse. This new app allows you to create time-lapse videos with your iPhone while you are in motion. Usually you would need to keep the camera still to achieve this effect, but thanks to Hyperlapse’s stabilisation technology, shaky videos are smoothed out into high-quality time-lapse videos. You can also check what the ... Read More »

Big Tab: The World’s Largest Android Tablet

Big-Tab Featured

It’s called the Big Tab and it is available in a 20” version and a 24” version. Released by Fuhu, known for its family focused devices, and the Big Tab is meant to encourage families to spend more time together by engaging and socializing over the tablet. Specs Both versions of the Big Tab will come with: Carrying frame with ... Read More »

5 More Tips to Improve your iPhone Battery Life

iPhone Battery spilling

If our previous 5 tips to improve your iPhone’s battery life weren’t enough for you, check out these 5 further tricks to prolong charging your iPhone: READ MORE: Phone Charging Myths 1. Close Unused Apps We are constantly using all kinds of apps like Facebook or Angry Birds, but these apps suck Phone battery life so be sure to close ... Read More »

Bulk Remove Photos from your iPhone with the Date Trick

Bulk Remove Photos - Featured

If you want to delete a whole bunch of pictures from your Camera Roll, your Photos app has a group selection tool. This gives you the ability to bulk remove photos by selecting groups of images by their date. With this tool you no longer have to tap and mark individual pictures. Here’s how to do it:  Go to your Photos ... Read More »

5 Tips To Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life


Who has the time to wait around for a phone to charge? RELATED: 5 Tips To Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life Here are 5 tricks to improve your Android phone’s battery life: 1. Use the Extra Power-saving mode if you have it The Samsung Galaxy S5 has Ultra Power Saving and HTC One (M8) has Extreme Power Saving modes. Both have ... Read More »

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