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Electric Objects: Put Internet Art on Your Walls

Electric-Objects Main

Ever wish you could have moving paintings like the ones in Harry Potter? Wish no more - Electric Objects are HD screens powered by a computer to allow users to display paintings, photographs and GIFs, all inside a handcrafted frame. The frame itself comes in a matte finish to resemble paintings and photographs instead of looking like a screen placed on the wall.     Electric Objects is ... Read More »

Social Media and Protection Orders: The South African Perspective


In 2013, the Protection Against Harassment Act was promulgated and signalled a legislative move to protecting people from harassment in general, but specifically in the online environment. What’s cool about the new Act? In the past only persons in a domestic relationship (spouses, children, etc) were granted protection against harassment under The Domestic Violence Act, which left many victims of ... Read More »

No Man’s Sky: A Sense of True Exploration

No Man's S

From the awesome makers of the Joe Danger series comes No Man’s Sky and this sky has no limits! Infinite Procedurally Generated Universe No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe. Hello Games’ CEO, Sean Murray, described the game at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference: “We’ve created a procedural universe. It’s infinite, and it’s one that everyone ... Read More »

5 Perfect Password Tips to Stay Safe Online

You Shall Not Pass

To avoid being fraped, or worse, hacked, take a look at this quick list of password tips: 1. Use a Password Manager You can use a Password Manager service to generate and store your various passwords and username for every site, while you just need to remember a master password. We are big fans of LastPass which allows you to generate difficult ... Read More »

Google’s Right to Be Forgotten in South Africa

Forget Me

Following the recent European Court Of Justice ruling in which Google must respect an individual’s right to be forgotten, we looked into what this right means for South Africans. Below is a summary of your right to be forgotten in terms of South African legislation. It is important to note that South African law does not explicitly recognise a general ... Read More »

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