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The hottest stuff from the world of digital advertising

How ambient advertising can help the public sector


The typical way to promote a product or service has often centred around placing a large poster in a public place or running a commercial on a collection of television channels. However, ambient advertising has turned this norm on its head and has gone for the approach of getting people to recognise a product by advertising it in places where you ... Read More »

The Era of Video Marketing

Era of video marketing tv

With 2012 statistics claiming video to be the 6th most popular content marketing tactic (behind social media, website articles, eNewsletters, Blogs,  and case studies respectively), its popularity is only expected to rise. Marketers around the world are capitalising from the likes of YouTube and Vimeo to promote their product, share their knowledge and educate their audience. Not to mention to ... Read More »

VW Beetle bug run campaign

About the bugs

This has to be one of the coolest idea’s I have ever seen in my life. In an effort to generate some hype around the launch the new Beetle turbo, VW has created a real life beetle race…with real, live beetles. Read More »

How videos go viral [TED]


This TED presentation is by the “trend manager” at YouTube – a guy who watches YouTube for a living. He gives us four very deep insights onto why we seem to love the most silly videos in the world and how they go viral. What kick starts the maelstrom of views on some of the webs most popular videos? Read More »

The Bark Side: New VW advert

VW star wars ad

The last VW advert that featured the little boy trying his best to use the force to help with his daily activities, must have struck a cord with Star Wars fans around the world. This year VW has created another Star Wars themed advert, but not one you would expect. Read More »

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