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The hottest stuff from the world of digital advertising

New Honda Interactive Ad

Interactive ad F

Car ads have become increasingly predictable over the year: either you see a family smiling while driving through a friendly neighbourhood or you see a car sipping through a bending road at an impressive speed.   Honda has broken the mundanity of car ads with its new interactive ad. The 2 min long ad allows you to toggle backwards and ... Read More »

VW “Eyes On The Road” Ad Shows Danger of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving

Texting while driving is bad. Texting in the cinema is bad. Advertising agency, Ogilvy Beijing have combined these two texting no-no’s in a VW ad to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving. Theater-goers in Hong Kong were instructed to keep their phones on and to not switch to silent when visiting the cinema. The ad was then played before ... Read More »

Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform

Facebook Relaunches Atlas F

Facebook has relaunched Atlas ad platform, with a brand new version as well cross-device targeting. Facebook acquired the ad platform from Microsoft in 2013 and now Facebook is reportedly ready for a relaunch to compete with Google. Cross-device Targeting According to Facebook “[c]ookies don’t work on mobile, are becoming less accurate in demographic targeting and can’t easily or accurately measure the customer ... Read More »

Crazy Car Commercials from the 80’s

Car Commercials from the 80's

Car commercials from the 80’s were completely crazy. Buckle up and check out our pick of the 5 craziest and cheesiest car commercials from the 80’s: Chrysler Laser Commercial Dodge Shadow Commercial Chevrolet Corvette 1984 Commercial Honda Scooters 1986 Grace Jones Citroen CX Car Advert Read More »

How well does Google know you?

Google Featured

If you are wondering how well Google knows you just based on your search history, the short answer is REALLY well. About 2 years ago Google’s ad settings page was released on the internet. This page shows your advertisement profile, which enables Google to assess your age, gender and interests. All this information is collected by assessing your search history and then ... Read More »

How ambient advertising can help the public sector


The typical way to promote a product or service has often centred around placing a large poster in a public place or running a commercial on a collection of television channels. However, ambient advertising has turned this norm on its head and has gone for the approach of getting people to recognise a product by advertising it in places where you ... Read More »

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